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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Also Known As PCOS Or PCOD (polycystic Ovarian Disease), Is A Very Common Hormonal Disorder In Women. The News Of Conception And Feeling Of Becoming A Mother Gives An Unexplained Contentment To Every Woman’s Heart. It Is An Innate Desire Of Every Woman To Hold Her Baby In Arms And Bestow Upon It, Her Affectionate Love, Generously. Conception Is A Natural Course In An Individual, Whereas In Some Cases The Female May Have To Confront Some Hinderances. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Is A Common Disorder Affecting Approximately 8 % Of Adult Women. It Is A Metabolic Disorder And A Leading Cause Of Infertility. According To Ayurveda, PCOS Can Be Caused Due To An Imbalance Of Any Of The Three Doshas (Ayurvedic Humors), The Prime Ones Being Pitta (Fire) And Kapha (Water). Aggravated Pitta Causes Contamination Of The Dhatus (tissues) Like Rasa (nutrient Plasma) And Rakta (blood). This Further Causes Accumulation Of Ama (toxins) In The Weaker Channels Of The Body. In The Case Of PCOS Patients, These Toxins Get Accumulated In The Manovahi Strotas (channels Of The Mind), Leading To An Imbalance Of Hormones Secreted By The Pituitary Gland. This Condition Results In Imbalance Of Female Hormones And Increase In Kapha, Which Causes Formation Of Ovarian Cysts (collection Of Fluids Within An Ovary), Anovulatory Periods (no Ovulation) And Other Symptoms. Increased Stress => Increased Pregnenolone Output => Hormone Fluctuations => Increased Display Of PCOS Symptoms

The Principal Signs And Symptoms Of PCOS Are Related To Menstrual Disturbances And Elevated Levels Of Male Hormones (androgens). Menstrual Disturbances Can Include Delay Of Normal Menstruation (primary Amenorrhea), The Presence Of Fewer Than Normal Menstrual Periods (oligomenorrhea), Or The Absence Of Menstruation For More Than Three Months (secondary Amenorrhea). Menstrual Cycles May Not Be Associated With Ovulation (anovulatory Cycles) And May Result In Heavy Bleeding. Symptoms Related To Elevated Androgen Levels Include Acne, Excess Hair Growth On The Body (hirsutism), And Male-pattern Hair Loss. The PCOS Fertility Kit Contains Herbs And Supplements That Supports The Body In Maintaining A Healthy Hormonal Balance, A Healthy Uterine Lining, And Promoting Regular Ovulation. Herbal Supplements Have Shown To Be Effective In Helping Those With PCOS Boost There Fertility And Give Birth To Healthy Babies. The Overall Goal With PCOS Is To Balance Blood Sugar Levels In The Body, Maintain Hormonal Balance, Promote Healthy Digestion For Improved Estrogen Metabolism, While Also Working To Promote Regular Ovulation And Menses. Adaptogen Herbs Are Also Important, This Is Because Adaptogens Increase Resistance To Mind-body Stress And Enhance Overall Vitality And Health Through Non-specific Adrenal (known As Stress Glands) Support. Plants Recognized As Adaptogens Help To Normalize The Body’s Functions, Most Importantly The Endocrine System, Even During Diseased States, Are Non-toxic, Nutritive, And Have Been Deemed Safe For Long Term Use. For Best Results Use This Kit In Conjunction With Eating A PCOS Diet.

Benefits Of The PCOS Kit:

Helps To Stop The Cycle Of Cyst Formation Through Balancing Hormones And Assisting The Body In The Removal Of Excess Estrogen
Assists The Body In The Formation Of A Healthy Uterine Lining Through Key Whole Food Nutrients
Promotes Ovulation Through Traditionally Used Herbs
Regulise Menstrual Cycle
Maintain Proper Body Weight And Cure The Problem Of Excess Hair Growth On The Body (hirsutism)

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