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~~Masturbation Plays A Big Role In Normal Individual **** Life. Some Of Us Discover It As Children Because It Starts To Feel So Good Between Our Legs. Others Are Shown By Our Friends Circle. We Would Continue To Masturbate Because It Feels Us So Good To Us. It Gets Us Ready For Mature Sexual Relationships When We Reach Our Adulthood And It Helps Us To Take Care Of Those Rising Hormonal Urges And Surges When We Are At Our Teenage. Masturbation Has Been A Way Of Satisfying Sexual Desires For Both Females And Males Since A Long Time

Masturbation Is Not A Healthy Sexual Behavior Activity. Like Other Behaviors, When Over Practiced Or Addicted Or Done It Can Lead To Both Psychological As Well As Physiological Imbalances In The Body. The Biggest Effect Of Over Masturbation Is Mental Rather Than Physical Effect, As Person In Habit Of It Gradually Shifts Away From Normal Intercourse And Finds Masturbation More Satisfactory And Pleasurable Than Normal Sexual Act. People In Habit Of It Always Seek Few Moments Of The Loneliness To Masturbate, Even Slightest Arousal Can Make Them Fully Aroused And They May Feel The Urge To Discharge Soon. This Kind Of Situation Can Promote Problems In The Person Body Like Low Libido Or Can Say Loss Of Sexual Desire, ED And Lack Of Orgasm. Other Then These Problems People Having The Habit Of Masturbation May Face The Problems Like Prostatitis, Weakness In Nervous System, Malfunctioning Of Liver, Sperm Leakage, Early Ejaculation, Sexual Exhaustion, Impotence, Low Sperm Count And Many More Other General Body Weakness.
The Side Effects Of Overmasturbation Include:

Fatigue. Feeling Tired All The Time

Low Back Pain

Thinning Of Hair Or Hair Loss .

Soft Or Weak Erection

Early Ejaculation/Premature Ejaculation

Eye Floaters Or Fuzzy Vision Groin / Pain In Testis.

Cramp Or Pain In The Pelvic Cavity Or In The Tail Bone

Tiredness All The Time, Lack Of Concentration, Weak Memory, Stress & Depression

And Many Moreā€¦

Over Masturbation Can Cause Serious Threat To Sexual And Over All Health And Curing These Effects With Completely Herbal Treatment Is Safe As Herbs Do Not Have Side Effects And Are Quick To Alleviate The Problems Arising Due To Over Masturbation. When The Frequency Of Masturbation Goes Beyond The Tolerance Limit Of Body Organs Then Its Effects Are Dangerous If Left Untreated.

Females Associated With The Habit Of Over Masturbation May Need A Cure For Vaginal Discharge, Vaginal Dryness And Recurrent Infections On Regular Basis Due To Over Masturbation And May Also Face Problems Like Early Sexual Exhaustion, Liver Dysfunction And Loss Of Libido. Some Of The Females Also Grow A Tendency Of Not Reaching A Complete State Of Orgasm As Excessive Practice Of Unnatural **** Makes Normal **** Boring And Too Much Straining To Them. Completely Herbal Supplements Designed For Alleviating The Ill Effects Of Over Masturbation Contain Rich Herbs And Natural Substances Which Can Cast All Round Healing Effects To Cure The Problems. Although There Are Many Products Available In The Market Claiming To Be Safe And Effective But Not All Are Trustworthy, Only Products With All Herbal Ingredients And Having Right Herbs Which Are Capable And Trusted To Cure The Problem Shall Be Used.

# How Much Is Too Much Masturbation ?

That Depends But It's Suggested Men Keep Their Ejaculation Frequency Down To 2-3 Times In A Month.

How To Get Rid From This Addictive Behavior?

The First Step To Getting Better Is To Reduce The Habit Of Masturbation And Ejaculation Frequency And Try To Overcome This Bad Habit. Eat More Soybean Products And Eliminate Excessive Caffeine From Your Diet. Try To Focus On Nutty Foods Like Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts And Eat More Sea Foods, Green Vegetables, And Try To Minimize Red Meat And Dairy Product Intake. Instead Of Taking Soda, Try Drinking Pure Orange Juice Or Cranberry Juice And, Of Course, Drink Plenty Of Water.

Arogyam Herbal Supplement Helps To Cure Side Effects Of Over Masturbation Effectively And Safely Without Causing Any Kind Of Side-effects. They Strengthen The Nervous System, Promote The Blood Flow To Penile Area And Maintain Hormonal Balance Of The Body, These Supplements Also Provide The Body With Nutrients And Amino Acids To Promote Sound Health And Cure Disorders.

AROGYAM PURE HERBS OBN KIT Is Especially Formulated For Men And Women Who Want To Get Rid Of This Addictive Behavior And Recover From Its Side-effects Permanently. It Is Test Proven & 100% Efficient Cure For All The Problems Arise Due To Over Masturbation. It Provides More Benefits Than Just Getting You Rid Of The Effects Of Over Masturbation. It Restores Strength & Stamina To Higher Level Than In Healthy Times. It Completely Stops Hairloss. Other Benefits Include Relaxation In Mind And Improved Memory With Boosting Of Immunity. It Also Improves Quantity & Quality Of Semen In Male And Increased Fertility In Females.

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